Big Mecklenburg County Fair

Mailing Address: 8409 Land O’ Lakes Blvd. FL 34638

Fairgrounds Address: Park Expo & Conference Center, 800 Briar Creek Rd, Charlotte, NC 28205


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Whereas, Lessor, Big Mecklenburg County Fair, herein referred to as the “Fair” operates the outdoor space rental during the Big Mecklenburg County Fair on the fairgrounds located at Park Expo & Conference Center, 800 Briar Creek Rd, Charlotte, NC 28205 and whereas the Lessee, the above named Exhibitor, hereinafter referred to as the “Exhibitor” desires to rent space on the fairgrounds, for the days of this year’s Fair only, upon which to operate an Exhibit, the Fair and Exhibitor in consideration of the mutual undertakings contained herein and intending to be legally bound, do hereby agree as follows:

All items to be displayed and/or sold must be listed and only listed items may be displayed and/or sold.

  1. FEE: Total due is required upon the execution of this contract. Space location is not guaranteed until receipt of total amount due. All payments must be made in Cash or Money Order made Payable to Event Marketing Corporation. The per linear foot fee is $100.00, minimum charge is for 10 feet for a total of $1,000.00
  2. OUTSIDE SPECIFICATIONS: Space shall be in 1 foot increments (one) feet x 10 (ten) feet deep unless specified otherwise in an addendum to this lease agreement. There is a 10 foot front minimum on all outdoor space;
  3. ELECTRICAL SERVICE: Electric needed is sold at a flat rate of $100.00 (20 AMP-110 V), exhibitor is responsible for providing cord and plug needed to properly run their concession. Cords must meet NEC and minimum requirements of El Paso County. Concession must provide minimum of 150 feet of cord. Please make sure you fill in the amount of AMPS needed at top;
  4. ACCESS TO GROUNDS: The grounds shall be opened to exhibitors one hour before the scheduled opening time of the fair to the public. Exhibitors must open on time and close at scheduled closing times. Any exhibitor not following this rule will be subject to not be invited back for the next year's fair. Exhibitor must be set up and ready to open by 3:00 p.m. on May 24th
  5. INSURANCE: Exhibitor shall furnish proof of liability insurance with at least a one million dollar ($1,000,000.00) limit upon submission of this contract. The policy must name Big Fair Entertainment, Event Marketing Corporation, EMC Tickets, LLC as additional insured. Insurance coverage to begin at the time the Exhibitor arrives on the Fairgrounds for setup and continue until the Exhibitor leaves the grounds after the fair. Exhibitor does not furnish proof of insurance, Exhibitor hereby agrees that Fair may provide insurance and charge Exhibitor the cost of such coverage or consider this agreement void without responsibility from the Fair and any deposit will be lost;
  6. LICENSES/PERMITS: Exhibitor agrees to procure at its expense all necessary Health Department, state, county and municipal licenses/permits which are required for its possession or use of the space;
  7. INSPECTION: The Fair reserves the right to inspect any exhibit at any time, without notice and without seeking consent, for determining compliance with the provisions of this lease and the law;
  8. SUBLETTING: Exhibitor agrees that it will not sublease or assign the above specified space. It is further agreed that two or more firms may not occupy or use the same space. The use of the leased space for anything other than displaying and/or selling the items listed above is strictly prohibited;
  9. OPERATIONAL HOURS: Exhibitor shall be required to be in full operation during all hours that the Fair is open to the public, without regard to weather. Operational hours of the fair will be set by Fair management and are subject to change at the discretion of Fair management without prior notice;
  10. ROVING SALES: Roving sales are prohibited. It is specifically agreed and understood that this lease is for the space specified herein and that the aisles, walkways, common areas, or other parts of the fairgrounds are not considered a part of this contract;
  11. SET-UP: Exhibitor shall be allowed to set up in its assigned space no sooner than 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday the 22nd of May and must be set up and operational no later than 3:00 p.m. on May 24th. Failure of Exhibitor to be set up by 3:00 p.m. or to not use the leased space will result in a breach of this contract and the Fair may resell the space and the Exhibitor will forfeit all money paid which shall be considered liquidated damages;
  12. MOVE-OUT: Exhibitor may not tear down or remove any portion of the leased area before the closing time of the fair, Sunday, June 2nd, but everything must be removed from the Fairgrounds by 5:00 p.m. on Monday June 3rd, the day after the fair closes. Any items left on the Fairgrounds after 5:00 p.m. on Monday June 3rd will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of; if applicable, the expense billed to Exhibitor;
  13. EXCLUSIVES: The Fair maintains the right to grant exclusive agreements to exhibitors. An exclusive sales agreement must be set out in an addendum to this lease. The Fair reserves the right to stop sales by exhibitors of any product that violates such an exclusive agreement;
  14. PROHIBITED ITEMS: Fair management has the right, at its sole discretion, to require Exhibitor to remove any item, article or any part thereof, including banners, signs, gongs, bells, balloons or other materials which it deems unsafe, unsuitable, objectionable, unattractive, distracting, obnoxious or otherwise in violation of this agreement at Exhibitor’s expense. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to nails, staples, tacks or pins on any Fair property surface, paper stickers inside fairgrounds buildings, laser pointers/pens, fireworks of any nature, knives, weapons, mace, pepper spray, or any other item which in the sole judgment of the Fair may be a public danger or create a public hazard or would be detrimental to the premises.
  15. SOUND LEVELS: Fair management maintains the absolute right to control sound levels;
  16. VEHICLES: Deliveries onto the grounds will be allowed only by properly permitted vehicles. No vehicles will be allowed onto the fairgrounds later than one hour prior to opening on any operational day of the fair. In addition, all vehicles must be removed to the assigned parking area at least one hour prior to opening. Any vehicle in violation of this provision will be towed away and stored at the expense of the Exhibitor. No vehicle will be allowed back onto grounds until one hour after closing;
  17. PASSES: Two passes per space will be provided to Exhibitor according to the pass policy of the Fair in effect at the time of the fair;
  18. FAILURE OF EXHIBITOR TO USE SPACE: In the event the Exhibitor does not actually use the leased space, it is agreed that no portion of the rental already paid will be returned and shall be considered liquidated damages for breach of the lease contract;
  19. LIEN CREATED FOR MONEY OWED: The Fair shall have the right to retain all property belonging to Exhibitor which is brought onto the Fairgrounds in order to secure the payment of any and all sums of money due hereunder. Further, Exhibitor agrees that the Fair may sell or otherwise dispose of, either at public or private proceedings without notice to Exhibitor any such property for the purpose of satisfying any indebtedness due hereunder;
  20. NONWAIVER OF PROVISIONS: The failure of the Fair in any one or more instances, to insist upon the strict performance of the covenants of this lease, or to exercise any option contained herein, shall not be construed as a waiver or the relinquishment of such covenant or option in the future, but the same shall continue and remain in full force and effect. The receipt by the Fair of rent with knowledge of any breach of any covenant herein shall not be deemed a waiver of such breach and no waiver by the Fair of any provision hereof shall be deemed to have been made unless expressed in writing and signed by Fair management;
  21. NO AGREEMENTS MADE OTHER THAN CONTAINED HEREIN: No understanding or agreement exists except that which is specified in this lease and it cannot be cancelled except by mutual agreement in writing;
  22. EXHIBITOR TO PAY COST OF COLLECTION: Exhibitor agrees to pay the Fair all expenses which it incurs in connection with the collection of any sum due hereunder, including a reasonable attorney’s fee;
  23. RIGHT TO CLOSE FOR VIOLATION: For the violation of the terms of this lease or the local, state or federal law, the Fair shall have the right to declare this contract VOID and close the exhibit without recourse;
  24. APPLICATION APPROVAL: Exhibitor agrees that this application is subject to approval and acceptance by the Fair’s management and the terms of which shall not constitute an agreement for the lease of exhibit space until approval and acceptance by said management;

Lessor: Big Fair Entertainment




Sorry, we don't offer refunds or rainchecks on tickets. The Fair is open rain or shine, and rides will operate as long as the safety inspectors tell us it's safe to run. The other attractions will also be available: exhibits, food, games, performances, etc. Don't forget - your tickets are good any day of the fair. If you're in doubt, wait to buy your tickets!